The DPRK, Sony, and Imperialism

The media is reporting that the DPRK is responsible for a hacking attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, the American subsidiary of the Japanese technology conglomerate Sony. Once more I am left dumbfounded at how citizens of the West, especially Americans, will so readily believe whatever is reported in the news without a shred of evidence.

The BBC, the Guardian, the Washington Post, none of them offer real evidence of the DPRK’s involvement in the attack despite the clever wording to mislead uninformed readers. The BBC reported that the “FBI says its analysis spotted distinct similarities between the type of malware used in the Sony Pictures hack and code used in an attack on South Korea last year.” The evidence for the DPRK’s involvement in the attack last year on South Korea, however, is equally as vague and inconclusive; the BBC reported only that the attack could be traced to a Chinese IP address. In other words, the connection between the DPRK and the attack on Sony shows similarities between the attack on South Korea, which could be traced to a Chinese IP address, as if that is evidence of anything “as hackers can route their attacks through addresses in other countries to obscure their identities.” The UK’s Guardian reported that “the FBI discovered that several internet protocol (IP) addresses associated with known North Korean infrastructure,” again not releasing any real evidence of the DPRK’s involvement. Neither does the Washington Post offer any clear evidence of the DPRK’s involvement, citing the same cleverly worded references to the attack on South Korea in 2013, to “North Korean infrastructure” whatever that means, and that the FBI’s statements “are based on intelligence sources and other conclusive evidence.”

To those that suffer from short-term memory loss I remind folks that this kind of cleverly worded and deceptive language was used to justify the illegal U.S. occupation of Iraq in 2003. The New York Times ran an article titled “Why We Know Iraq is Lying”, with the author writing that “Iraq has failed to provide United Nations inspectors with documentation of its claim to have destroyed” its chemical weapons stockpiles and that “by both its actions and its inactions, Iraq is proving not that it is a nation bent on disarmament, but that it is a nation with something to hide.” “Iraq already possesses a threatening cache of chemical and biological weapons,” ABC News reported before continuing on to quote a “leading think tank” that Iraq could assemble a nuclear weapon within months if in possession of radioactive material. On Colin Powell’s speech at the United Nations, CNN reported that he showed “satellite photos that he said indicated the presence of ‘active chemical munitions bunkers’ that had been disguised.” CNN earlier reported that “the United States has evidence that Saddam Hussein is working on a nuclear weapons program.”

We all know now that the Bush administration and their puppets in the media fabricated all this evidence to loot Iraq’s resources and create a new Middle East favorable to U.S. imperialism and Israel. No weapons of mass destruction were ever located in Iraq. Neither was al-Qaeda active in the country before the occupation.

Be mindful of the language used in stories like the DPRK’s involvement in the hacking of Sony that President Obama has vowed retaliation for.

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