Ontario Communists Launch Recruitment Drive

From People’s Voice

Across Ontario, clubs and activists are organizing to build the Communist Party in their cities, on campuses, in workplaces. In fact, Communists are fighting to change the world, and to build a strong revolutionary party, and a powerful labour and people’s movement.

According to the CPC’s Ontario Committee, change is in the air. There is an urgent demand for jobs, rising wages and living standards, affordable housing, strong universal and comprehensive social programs including Medicare, childcare, accessible post-secondary education, and a Canada Pension Plan that kicks in at age 60 and delivers benefits equivalent to a living wage.

People want action now on climate change. They want action on Aboriginal rights and land claims, and an inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls.

They want more democracy, not less, and more say over Canada’s energy policy (penned by Big Oil), on our foreign policy (dictated by the US State Department, Big Oil and Harper), and national sovereignty (rapidly down the tube thanks to Harper, Big Oil, and free trade deals).

Unemployed workers and youth are tired of waiting for the good jobs, prosperity and opportunities promised by the Big Business parties during elections. The policies of austerity, unemployment, falling living standards and disappearing social and political rights, are universal to the Big Business parties ‑ and to those like the New Labour NDP who would like to join that exclusive club.

Politics are polarizing in Ontario, as the election campaigns in 2014 showed. The capitalist crisis has created openings on the far right for Tea Party politics like the Ford Brothers in Toronto City Hall. Other “mini‑Fords” in Ontario just waiting for an opportunity.

But these right‑wing politics have also created openings for the left, a new urgency for mass action in the labour movement. There is a new receptiveness to the Communist Party and its Prescription for a People’s Recovery, its alternative of peace and development, and an anti‑monopoly, anti-imperialist, democratic people’s coalition that puts people before profits and curbs corporate power.

The Communist Party’s vote doubled in the 2014 provincial election, and recruits also doubled in 2014. Progressives are reaching left, and some are reaching out for the Communist Party and radical, fundamental change.

This winter, Ontario Communists are reaching out to welcome all those interested in finding out more about the Communist Party and socialism. Another world is possible, and this is the best place to fight for it ‑ and win it.

The CPC’s new Central Organizer, Johan Boyden, will be in Ontario in January, and again in February for an important weekend.

Saturday, February 21, is a special night in a special weekend for new members who joined in 2014 and 2015, and those who brought them into the Party. This is the night we recognize them and their decision to join and build Canada’s Party of Socialism.

This exclusive event is only for new members and for the Party builders who helped them decide to join. Tickets are available at the CPC Provincial Office, at 416‑469‑2446 or through Communist Party clubs in your area.

Come and join the Party! Another world is possible! We have a world to win!

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