How will bombing Iraq and Syria make Canada safer?

Putting the Harper Government’s obsession with cutbacks and austerity budgets aside, I wonder how Canada spending $122 million on illegally bombing Iraq and Syria will make Canadians safer?

Two Canadians have died from terrorist attacks in my lifetime. More than 1000 Aboriginal women have been murdered or have disappeared. Statistically, a Canadian, especially an Aboriginal Canadian, is far more likely to be killed by the RCMP than from ISIL. The RCMP, which was originally founded as the North-West Mounted Police to suppress Aboriginal people, has a sordid history of illegal activities, including bombings, murdering suspects, and burning barns. With Bill C-51 being forced through Parliament the Canadian security establishment will have even more powers to suppress environmental activists, Aboriginal people, trade unions, and politically active Canadians that oppose the Harper government’s policies.

Who really is a threat to Canadians then?

Every night in Canada close to 100, 000 Canadians are homeless. A million Canadian children suffer from not having enough to eat. More than a 1000 Aboriginal women have been murdered or disappeared. At least 25% of Canadians with chronic illnesses can’t afford their medication. 50% of Aboriginal children in Canada live in poverty. The Globe and Mail estimated that at least 14% of all Canadians are unemployed. To top it all off the Harper government has cut $36 billion from our healthcare. How many Canadians will have their health and lives at risk from that?

Will that $122 million spent on bombing other countries really protect Canadians? Wouldn’t Canadians be more protected if they were fed, clothed, employed, and had a place to live?

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