Against the U.S. War Machine

From the Communist Party of Finland

We are living in very dangerous times. US/Nato has far reaching plans to conquer the entire world and threaten Russia and China into submission. Of course neither Russia nor China will do that. Both countries have endured terrible pains and struggle to reach what they are today: independent and proud states. Neither Russia nor China will give in for US demands and threats.

First I will say something about what happened just after the second world war, where Russia faced a terrible loss of life in battle and in many other ways. Russia was the force which saved us all from the Nazis. The country lost 27 million people. Immediately after the war ended, the C.I.A. and other US Agencies, employed at least 1000 Nazis as Cold War Spies which were given free passage to the US. Some are still alive in the US. Many of these were, during the war, involved in massacres of jews, communists, and rome people. History seems to repeat itself and today we see many nazisymbols in Ukraina. War veterans in Estonia fighting on Hitlers side are heralded as heros. The Nazis in the Baltics were extremely cruel with concentration camps and mass executions. We have to keep this in mind in the new era of the cold war.

Today the US has since many years replaced Germany as the most hawkish power in the world. The US has military bases in countries all over the world not only in countries which belongs to Nato. Nuclear weapons are deployed in five Nato-countries in Europe: Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Netherlands , Belgium and Turkey. The islands of Okinawa, Guam, Diego Garcia and Hawaii are visited by the Trident nuclear submarines.

The US controls all harbors, straits and oceans. In the Mediterranian Sea  The Sixth Fleet is harbored in Italy.  The Seventh Fleet is home porting in Japan and  the Pacific  is called the American Lake because the US controls the entire ocean. The Fifth Fleet has its homeport in Bahrein. Two Trident submarines are patrolling in the Barents Sea and eight are dispatched to the waters surrounding China, the new enemy. Each Trident can eradicate an area as large as the northern hemisphere. The US Aircraft carriers, one carrier  big as three football fields, are patrolling and ancoring outside countries the US will intimidate or frighten. They are named after US presidents. Ike Eisenhower ancoured outside Syrias coast in December, 2012.

The US is spying on us all. In 1949 there was an agreement called UKUSA-agreement  between the US and UK to listen on individuals and whole countries: later on five countries joined. It was called The big Five – The US, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Not until recently, when Edward Snowden revealed these secret facts, very few knew about it. Sweden is heavily involved in spying on all citicens. Sweden has listening stations on Lovön not far from Stockholm and Lerkil south of Gothenburg.  Via cables the information are transmitted  to the US, to NSA,Natonal Security Agency. Many, many are protesting against these practisis.

In 2002 I was arrested and brought to the police station in Yorkshire where the worlds biggest listeningstation Menwith Hill is situated. I had to pay a fine of 65£.

In 2012, in February, I was arrested and brought to the police station in South Korea on Jeju Island. My crime was that I had crept under the fence which surrounded the construction site, where the US is building a new military base for attack against China. Jeju is an island just a few miles outside China´s territory. This US base will house nuclear weapons, space weapons. I think what I did, is an example of what we have to do today to go against the terrible US-war machine.

The brave men who revealed US war plans are Edward Snowden, now in Moscow, Julian Assange, in London, and Chelsea Manning in the US. They have done their part to tell us about US criminality. Now it is OUR turn to do something about it

The  secret plan which was leaked at Wikileak were the plans for large-scale war against Russia.
It revealed the plans for displacement of nine military divisions from the U.S., Britain, Germany to Poland and to the Baltic states.The pretext for the attack plan is to defend the new Baltic members of NATO, which  surround Russia, namely Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

In a telegram dated October 2009, the U.S. ambassador to NATO, Ivo Daalder, expressed support for the development of the military plan against Russia

This is exactly what is happening right now. There are today military bases in all Baltic countries: Amari in Estonia, Lilvarde in Latvia, Siauliai in Lithuania, Krzsniy in Poland, Tazar in Hungary.

You can see stunning photos of U.S. Air Force F-15C Eagle Jets, the US Air Force fighter jets participate in military exercises all the time in Estonia and Lithuania to improve the interoperability and combat readiness of Nato forces in the Baltic region. The US fighters are stationed in Rahmstein in Germany, in Mildenhall in UK and US bases in Britain. During the last ten years de warpreparations have been steady growing: Poland is now an close ally of the US and F-15 fighter jets are sent to Poland which borders the Russian enclave Kaliningrad.

And now when writing this we are preparing for the huge Arctic Challenge Exercise, ACE, which will be conducted in the north in Norrbotten and Västerbotten. The participating countries are Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands ,Germany, UK and the US. There will be 115 warfighters in the air about the same time.

We have to go against this development. At least see to that we know about it. We have to cooperate in the northern countries and inform each other about what´s going on. We have to be brave and outspoken.

Speak truth to power.

We have to act.

Thank you for listening!

Agneta Norberg
Vice Chairperson
Swedish Peace Council

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