I Went Outside My Comfort Zone Again — Learning Muay Thai!

(Featured photo source: https://www.onefc.com/lifestyle/muay-thai-stance/)

This week my wife and I started doing something new — learning Muay Thai martial arts at Kwest Muay Thai & Kickboxing.

For a while both of us have wanted to get in shape and be more active, but a standard gym membership doesn’t work for us. Neither of us are going to want to run on a treadmill, ride a stationary bike, etc. after working 8-12 hours in an office. Previous experience has proven to us that anything that makes us want to look at the clock and think, “Am I done yet?” isn’t something that will work for us long-term.

Back in high school karate was offered as a course (it was classified as an “arts” course along with music, art, drama, and dance). I remember what a complete workout that was; legs, arms, cardio, it was a real full body workout. But it wasn’t only a body workout. You also workout your brain while doing martial arts, and this for me is the key difference. You don’t just go through the same motions everyday. You have to think about and be consciously aware of what you are doing in martial arts. That thinking triggers a thought process in my brain similar to what chess does: even if you sucked horribly at it, you think about what you did, re-think it again, re-think it more, re-think it even more, try again, rinse and repeat. You keep thinking about it long after you have stopped doing it. It is that constant thinking that stays with me that motivates me to keep doing it.

I wanted to do that again, not GoodLife or Shapes.

I am thoroughly enjoying the classes at Kwest. All the staff and instructors are outstanding motivators and teachers. Even if you suck spectacularly (like me) they make you feel like they genuinely want you to succeed and do better. Kelly, the founder/head instructor, is incredibly helpful and willing to accommodate my work schedule. If anyone is in the Winnipeg area definitely check them out!

I hope in the next 6-12 months I will get in great shape and improve my skills!

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