December was kind of a chaotic month for me on multiple fronts (well, let’s be honest, 2021 sucked!). In mid-December I started a new job, then I resigned from that job, and this week I have started a second new job at a much better company than before. That was a stressful and messy transition. Besides work, I am in the process of having all 1,400+ books we own appraised for insurance purposes. I was told that my LibraryThing.com system was not detailed and accessible enough for an appraiser, so I had to work on cataloguing each one on an Excel spreadsheet. On top of that I hired an editor on Upwork.com this week to begin editing my manuscript on the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict. My goal is to publish my manuscript this year on Amazon using their self-publishing service. Just think — me, a published author! I am super excited about that!

Anyways, since I last published a book review on December 23, I have read a couple more books, mostly short books, and I’ll be writing short reviews for them soon!

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