My wife and I are monthly donors to Baitulmaal. Baitumaal provides life-saving, life-sustaining and life-enriching humanitarian support to people in need. This includes providing access to clean drinking water to almost 20,000 people, healthcare to more than 190,000 people, and feeding more than 10 million in need in countries such as Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and the Rohingya people. In Yemen, where millions have died and are suffering under a predatory war waged by Saudi Arabia and its allies, Baitumaal has provided $1.3 million in emergency humanitarian aid, more than 300,000 meals, more than 300,000 life-saving antibiotics, 15,000 medical test kits, and hundreds of hygiene kits. For the Rohingya people being persecuted by Buddhist fanatics in Myanmar, Baitumaal has provided more than $200,000 in emergency humanitarian aid, almost 600,000 meals, and thousands of dollars in clothing and shelters.

Please visit their website and support the important work they do in Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and for the Rohingya people.