National Park Rescue

With 60% of the planet’s wildlife wiped out in 50 years, and many species facing imminent extinction, traditional conservation efforts have indisputably failed. The world now has a 10 year window to finally give wildlife the protection it deserves. National Park Rescue saves African National Parks on the brink of collapse using no-nonsense direct-action operations to restore effective law enforcement, shut down corruption and reconnect the surrounding communities key to a park’s long term survival. 

We Save Major National Parks on the Edge of Collapse. Poor security and rampant corruption have turned Africa’s National Parks into killing fields. We take on the dangerous frontline parks others avoid, where thousands of elephants and other wildlife are being slaughtered. Backing us saves wildlife in the gravest danger.

Our Brave Staff Hunt Armed Poachers Not Donors. Wildlife needs security PROPORTIONAL TO THE THREAT it faces. National Parks can be severely hostile environments where commercial poaching gangs, backed by organised criminal finance, will shoot elephants and rangers on sight. Sadly, most wildlife mega-charities are run by teams of highly-paid academics, focusing on fundraising, report writing and other office-bound tasks.

We Recruit 95% of Our Staff from Local Communities. We create careers and provide on-the-job training, empowering local people to save their OWN natural heritage.