Oak Table

My wife and I are monthly donors to the Oak Table. Founded in 1981 as a place where anyone could come in for a coffee and conversation, the Oak Table has grown into a life-saving resource for people in need in Winnipeg. T

Today guests come from many walks of life and include people who are homeless, income insecure, on social assistance, living with mental health issues, physical disabilities, or addictions. It includes seniors who feel isolated, looking for community and meaningful activities to participate in during the day. People come to Oak Table for food, to feel part of a community, to access items they need to make it through the day, and resources to meet emergent and long term needs. Guests come because they need human contact and it gives them a reprieve from the isolation they feel. For some, Oak Table is one place they can count on acceptance.

Oak Table provides emergency clothing, hygiene items, shoes and boots, parkas and raincoats, hats and sunscreen, access to computers, newspapers and telephones as well as a place to pick up phone messages and mail.

Oak Table also provides help accessing healthcare. Volunteers assist in getting guests referrals and appointments, assessments and resources through their Allied Health Team. This has provided a critical resource for guests, who often fall through the cracks, and without a relationship are hesitant to, or unsure how to work their way through the Health Care System.

I especially love their #NoPlaceToPoop campaign and “Dignity Washrooms”.

A safe washroom: a privilege, or a human right? Finding a safe indoor washroom is a daily battle for people experiencing homelessness. Over 1,500 Winnipeggers don’t know where they will be able to relieve themselves each day. Dignity is a safe, clean washroom. All Canadians have the right to relieve themselves in security and with dignity. No person should be denied access to a clean washroom. A clean washroom, with soap and hot water, helps fight viruses and infection. We ask people to wash hands to fight COVID-19, but for someone experiencing homelessness that can be an impossible ask. The accessible “Dignity Washrooms” at Oak Table will include places where people can relieve themselves and enjoy the transformative experience of a hot shower. Everyone walks a little taller when they feel clean and refreshed. Providing a shower and clean clothes is an act of love that provides dignity and lifts the spirits of a person experiencing homelessness.

Please visit their website and support this outstanding organization.

I especially love their #NoPlaceToPoop and “Dignity Washrooms”