Bank Bonuses Rise Amid Economic Crisis: Nationalize Them Under Workers’ Control!

After laying off 4,664 workers, Canada’s top six banks have recorded a combined profit of $35 billion and set aside a bonus pool of $12.5 billion for their executives at the end of 2015. It has become evidently clear that Canada’s bankers have not felt the pain of the economic crisis the same way as the working class and impoverished. According to a new report by Bloomberg, a prominent financial information company that analyzed the findings, the 4,664 job cuts at the six banks was the most in six years. The firings,… Read More

Electoral Platform of the Communist Party of Canada

Create Jobs and Increase Wages! Make full employment and full-time jobs a top priority. Develop and implement a comprehensive “Jobs First” strategy based on massive public investments to increase value-added jobs in manufacturing and secondary industry, to rebuild & upgrade Canada’s public and municipal infrastructure, to strengthen social programs and environmental protection, and to build affordable housing. Raise the wages of workers. The real value of wages have stagnated or fallen over the past 25 years while labour productivity has grown almost 40% Raise the minimum wage to $20/hour; ban “two-tier wages”… Read More