Russia, NATO, and the “Kosovoization” of Ukraine

On 24 February 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine, marking a dramatic escalation in the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict that began in 2014. While the world denounces the Russian invasion of Ukraine — as it rightly should — efforts by the West to depict Ukraine as an innocent victim and Russia as evil reincarnate fail to tell the whole story of the conflict and are counterproductive to a peaceful … Continue reading Russia, NATO, and the “Kosovoization” of Ukraine

The 2021 Taliban “Victory”: A U.S.-backed Coup

A lot is being written about the Taliban’s sudden victory in Afghanistan. Let me be clear: this is not a defeat for U.S. imperialism, it is a thinly veiled coup d’état on behalf of U.S. imperialism. It took the Taliban 2 years (1994-96) to capture Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, from the ragtag assembly of anti-communist warlords and drug dealers that called themselves the government of Afghanistan. … Continue reading The 2021 Taliban “Victory”: A U.S.-backed Coup

Democracy in Canada: Fact or Fiction?

Recently I was discussing Telford Taylor’s memoir on the Nuremberg trials with someone. That individual responded with how “lucky” we are to live in a “democratic” state like Canada. Although this particular individual is an immigrant and might not be familiar with Canadian history and politics, their statement nonetheless expresses a fundamental misunderstanding of what it means to be a “democracy”. Let me be clear: … Continue reading Democracy in Canada: Fact or Fiction?

Terrorism and International Law in Palestine

Image Credit: Getty image by Mustafa Hassouna Israel is once again bombarding Gaza in response to Palestinian protests against the illegal eviction of Palestinians from occupied East Jerusalem and Israeli attacks on the al-Aqsa Mosque. Whenever Israel commits such acts of ethnic cleansing and its genocidal policies makes international news headlines, it is often claimed by Israel’s right-wing supporters, both liberals and conservatives, that Israel … Continue reading Terrorism and International Law in Palestine

The Permanent War Economy and De-industrialization

(Image: Detroit, Michigan, the former centre of America’s auto industry. Source)

Politicians of all political stripes like to dress inflated military budgets, and the wicked arms deals that frequently accompany them, in terms of “job creation.” Former U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, arguing against any reduction in military funding, claimed that any decrease “would result in job cuts that would add potentially 1 (percentage point) to the national unemployment rate.”[1] Here in Canada, both Stephen Harper and his Liberal counterpart Justin Trudeau have justified the $15 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia, the largest such deal in Canadian history, as a means of creating jobs. “The fact is that there are jobs in London relying on this” deal, Trudeau said [2].

A closer examination will reveal something different. By not producing a life-serving product, i.e., an article used for either consumption or for further production, military spending is not only the worst of available choices for job creation, it contributes to industrial and infrastructure decay. Continue reading “The Permanent War Economy and De-industrialization”

Refugee Crisis is a Crisis of Imperialism

The widely circulated photo of Aylan Kurdi, a three-year-old Syrian boy whose body was found on a beach in Turkey and whose family was “making a final, desperate attempt to flee to relatives in Canada even though their asylum application had been rejected” by the Harper Government, has caused widespread outrage and forced Western leaders to acknowledge that there is a “refugee crisis”. In Canada, the … Continue reading Refugee Crisis is a Crisis of Imperialism