Against the U.S. War Machine

From the Communist Party of Finland

We are living in very dangerous times. US/Nato has far reaching plans to conquer the entire world and threaten Russia and China into submission. Of course neither Russia nor China will do that. Both countries have endured terrible pains and struggle to reach what they are today: independent and proud states. Neither Russia nor China will give in for US demands and threats.

First I will say something about what happened just after the second world war, where Russia faced a terrible loss of life in battle and in many other ways. Russia was the force which saved us all from the Nazis. The country lost 27 million people. Immediately after the war ended, the C.I.A. and other US Agencies, employed at least 1000 Nazis as Cold War Spies which were given free passage to the US. Some are still alive in the US. Many of these were, during the war, involved in massacres of jews, communists, and rome people. History seems to repeat itself and today we see many nazisymbols in Ukraina. War veterans in Estonia fighting on Hitlers side are heralded as heros. The Nazis in the Baltics were extremely cruel with concentration camps and mass executions. We have to keep this in mind in the new era of the cold war.

Today the US has since many years replaced Germany as the most hawkish power in the world. The US has military bases in countries all over the world not only in countries which belongs to Nato. Nuclear weapons are deployed in five Nato-countries in Europe: Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Netherlands , Belgium and Turkey. The islands of Okinawa, Guam, Diego Garcia and Hawaii are visited by the Trident nuclear submarines.

The US controls all harbors, straits and oceans. In the Mediterranian Sea  The Sixth Fleet is harbored in Italy.  The Seventh Fleet is home porting in Japan and  the Pacific  is called the American Lake because the US controls the entire ocean. The Fifth Fleet has its homeport in Bahrein. Two Trident submarines are patrolling in the Barents Sea and eight are dispatched to the waters surrounding China, the new enemy. Each Trident can eradicate an area as large as the northern hemisphere. The US Aircraft carriers, one carrier  big as three football fields, are patrolling and ancoring outside countries the US will intimidate or frighten. They are named after US presidents. Ike Eisenhower ancoured outside Syrias coast in December, 2012.


Nuclear Weapons and Climate Change Biggest Challenges for Humanity

From the Communist Party of Finland

Nuclear weapons, along with climate change, now constitute the biggest challenges facing humanity.

The mere existence of nuclear arms is a threat against humanity. The use of a tiny part of the over 16,000 existing nuclear weapons, of which 4,000 are operational, would have catastrophic consequences for our planet.

The idea of “nuclear deterrence” as the basis for unsustainable and unacceptable military doctrines must be definitely abandoned; far from contributing to nuclear disarmament, they stimulate the perpetual possession of those weapons.

The use of nuclear weapons implies the flagrant violation of international standards related to the prevention of genocide and protection of the environment. My country, Cuba, maintains that the use of nuclear weapons is illegal, immoral and cannot be justified under any security concept or doctrine.

It is unacceptable that in today’s world more is being spent on measures to wage war than on promoting development. Just to give an example, in 2013 the astronomical figure of 1.75 billion dollars in global military spending was reached.  A great part of that money being dedicated today to maintaining and modernizing nuclear arsenals should be used to benefit humankind, to promote the economic and social development of countries, to definitely eradicate poverty and to provide a decent life for all human beings without exception.

Many International Conferences have contributed to a greater international understanding about the serious risks and catastrophic humanitarian consequences associated with the existence of nuclear arms. But that is not enough, nor can it be the final objective.


Victory for Workers’ Rights in Finland

From Building and Wood Worker’s International

Finnish wage regulations and collective agreements should apply equally to everyone who works in Finland. That is the outcome of a new ruling by the European Court of Justice.

”The decision has great importance for both Finland the European Union as a whole”, said Martti Alakoski, chair of the Finnish Electrical Workers Union after the announcement on the 12th of February.

In short, the ruling finds that all employees must be payed basic wages, holiday bonuses and all other benefits in the general collective agreement – regardless of whether the company sending the employee is based in another member state of the EU.

The case concerns 186 Polish electricians who have been working on the construction of the nuclear power plant Olkiluoto 3, but were employed by a sub-contractor based in Poland. After discovering that they earned much less than their Finnish colleagues, they joined the Finnish Electrical Workers’ Union and demanded to be payed according to the pay rates, allowances and other benefits in the collective agreement.

In total the pay claims amounts to more than 6,5 million euros from the Polish company. The employer refused to meet the demands and referred to Polish law, according to which employees are not allowed to assign their pay claims to a union.

The union then turned to the District Court to solve the issue, which in turn asked the European Court of Justice to express an opinion on how to interpret the concept of minimum rates pay in the Posting of Workers Directive, and whether Polish employees were entitled to assign their pay claims to the union for collection.

The new ruling by the European Court of Justice sets aside the ban in the Polish law. According to the ruling, it is irrelevant that the company sending the employee is based in another member state of the EU – which has been a common argument by many employers not only in Finland but also in other parts of Europe.

All employees working in Finland must be paid according to Finnish pay scales, and a business coming from another EU-member state to Finland must comply with the pay regulations of the generally binding collective agreement.

“The judgment settles the issue of the terms and conditions on which European Union businesses may operate in other Member States”, says Jari Hellsten, a lawyer engaged on a European Union collective bargaining project for SAK and the Finnish trade union movement.

The Communist Party of Finland Supports the Recognition of a Third Gender

From the CPF

The current Finnish legislation violates physical integrity, protection of privacy and family life, the right to health, as well as the right to self-determination of transsexual people

The aim of the labor movement is a society where all people are equal. All should have equal rights and obligations irrespective of their gender or sexual orientation. The legal requirement to live in compliance with a certain gender role is not justified in the light of modern understanding of gender and therefore legislation needs to be updated to meet people’s identities.

The Nordic Youth Council has proposed the recognition of a third gender in the entire Nordic region. The terms of gender recognition are of crucial importance for the realization of human rights of transgender people.