Communist Candidate Debates Canada’s Reactionary Foreign Minister

Drew Garvie is the Communist Party of Canada’s candidate in Toronto’s riding of University Rosedale.

Horrors of Off-Shore Detention Centres

From the Communist Party of Australia Last week a former Nauru detention security guard testified he had seen male detainees gasping after experiencing the horrible waterboarding torture, and there are continuing reports of the rape and sexual assault of women, girls and young boys. Many of the guards are former soldiers, described by journalist Martin McKenzie-Martin as involved in a “hyper masculine and immature culture”. They refer to the detainees by identification numbers, not by name. The women detainees must take showers close to male guards, and must ask them for sanitary… Read More

A Nepalese World Cup Worker Dies Every Other Day in Qatar

From Time The Guardian reports that Nepalese migrants building the infrastructure for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar died at a rate of one in every two days during 2014. The death toll excludes deaths among Indian, Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi workers. TheGuardian believes that if these figures were included, the death toll would “almost certainly” be more than one a day. Human rights organizations have accused Qatar on falling behind on the investigations and labor reforms they vowed to implement following a report by international law firm DLA Piper published in… Read More