Helping the Wealthy at Your Expense

From NUPGE A recent study (link is external) by Jonathan Rhys Kesselman, who holds the Canada Research Chair in Public Finance with the School of Public Policy at Simon Fraser University and who is a fellow at the Broadbent Institute, shows doubling the amount people can contribute to a tax free savings account is Robin Hood in reverse. Poor and middle-income Canadians will pay so the wealthy can get more. You need $200,000 a year to benefit According to the study, Double Trouble: The Case Against Expanding Tax-Free Savings Accounts to get… Read More

Ontario Judges Declare that Housing is Not a Human Right

From People’s Voice The first week of 2015 was bitterly cold in Toronto. The first week also saw the homeless population of the city decline ‑ not due to the housing policies of newly elected mayor, John Tory, or better affordability of rental housing. It dropped because two of Toronto’s homeless froze to death. Mayor Tory and his Public Health department argued about when an “extreme cold weather alert” should be announced, and by whom. Tory also announced that two additional warming centres would be opened. Activists in the Ontario Coalition against… Read More

The Rich Get Richer Again

From People’s Voice Welcome to 2015. Unless you are Gerry Schwartz or another one of Canada’s 100 highest paid CEOs, you actually have to work for a living. Or perhaps you are retired or a student, having worked all your life or hoping to land a decent job. In either case, Mr. Schwartz and his pals earned more before lunchtime on the first working day of January than you will during this entire year… on average, of course. If you have a higher‑paying job than most, it could take one of the… Read More

By the Numbers: The Wealth Gap

From UFCW Toronto – January 14, 2015 – According to a new poll by the Broadbent Institute, an overwhelming majority of Canadians believe income inequality has worsened in the last decade. To address this inequality, 73% of those polled say that the government can – and should – do something to reduce the gap between rich and poor. 67.4% The wealthiest fifth of Canadians, or top 20% hold, more than two-thirds (67.4%) of the wealth in Canada. 0.1% While the wealthiest fifth hold more than two-thirds of the economic wealth in the… Read More