Why Does the West Hate North Korea?

Photo of Pyongyang before and after U.S. bombing New sanctions, and once again, new US-ROK military exercises right next door; new intimidations and new insults. For no other reason than because the country that never attacked anyone, is still determined to defend itself against appalling military, economic and propaganda provocations. How much more can one country endure? More than 60 years ago, millions of people above the 38th parallel died, were literally slaughtered by the US-led coalition. After that, after its victory, the North Korea was never left in peace. The West has… Read More

The Modus Operandi of Imperialist Propaganda

From Global Research Coming soon to a theater near you, a US imperialist propaganda blockbuster, the latest production from CIA Pictures, made in participation with Pentagon Entertainment, and with the collaboration of American Media Partners: Cyberwar North Korea. Such an announcement would have been useful last week, to alert American public opinion to the impending avalanche of entirely unsubstantiated assertions by US government officials, rebroadcast uncritically by the major newspapers and television networks. The target of the blitz was North Korea, blamed for the hacking attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, which led… Read More

The DPRK, Sony, and Imperialism

The media is reporting that the DPRK is responsible for a hacking attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, the American subsidiary of the Japanese technology conglomerate Sony. Once more I am left dumbfounded at how citizens of the West, especially Americans, will so readily believe whatever is reported in the news without a shred of evidence. The BBC, the Guardian, the Washington Post, none of them offer real evidence of the DPRK’s involvement in the attack despite the clever wording to mislead uninformed readers. The BBC reported that the “FBI says its analysis spotted… Read More