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T. J. Petrowski is an independent political scientist and researcher specializing in Marxism, imperialism, international law, and ethnic and secessionist conflicts, focusing on the former USSR, Central Asia, Afghanistan, and the Caucasus.

His work has been cited or published in various newspapers, magazines, and NGOs, including People’s Voice, Rebel Youth, CounterPunch, the Centre for Research on Globalization, Dissident Voice, Tesfa News, the Prometheus Institute, Press TV, the International Model United Nations Association, the Centre for Land and Warfare Studies, and The SAGE Encyclopedia of Surveillance, Security, and Privacy (2016).

He is the author of Nagorno-Karabakh: A Reassessment of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Conflict. He lives in Winnipeg, MB, Treaty 1 territory, with his wife, their Ball Python named Penny, and their library of over 1,500 nonfiction books.

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Nowhere in recent years have the contradictions of imperialism been so clear than in the West’s war against ISIS…

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said it is a “matter of principle” that Canada follows through with a $15 billion armaments deal with Saudi Arabia, a totalitarian state which funds international terrorism, stones women to death for the crime of being raped, and that leads the world in public beheadings…

As the world watches the 2014 FIFA World Cup, people are protesting the cost and the human rights violations being committed by police and security forces to protect this corporate investment…

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