About Me

This is the personal blog of T.J. Petrowski.

T.J. Petrowski is a independent book collector, geopolitical analyst, and specialist in Central Asia and the Caucasus, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Articles and papers he has written include “US, EU Prepare for Intervention in Mali” (2013), “The Crisis in the Central African Republic” (2013), “U.S. Military Option Worst Response to Nigeria Crisis” (2014), “The Human Cost of the FIFA World Cup” (2014), “Eritrea: The ‘Cuba of Africa’” (2014), “The Profits Behind Drone Warfare” (2014), “Attack in Paris a Direct Result of Western Imperialism” (2015), “Afghanistan War is Far from Over” (2015), “The War on ISIS is a Farce” (2015), “Refugee Crisis is a Crisis of Imperialism” (2015), “Canada’s $15 Billion Saudi Arms Deal: What History Tells Us” (2016), “The Permanent War Economy and De-industrialization” (2016), “The Grenfell Fire: Austerity is Terrorism” (2017), “Soviet Nationalities Policy and National Territorial Delimitation: “Divide at Impera”?” (2019), “Marxism and the National Question: Nagorno-Karabakh in Context” (2019), and “An Analysis of Soviet Economic Policy in the Periphery: Tajikistan in Context” (2019).