This Map Shows Every Attack on French Muslims since the Attack on Charlie Hebdo

From According to reports by AFP and others, the attacks have included: Three training grenades thrown at a mosque in Le Man; a bullet hole was also found in one of the mosque windows A bomb blast at a restaurant adjacent to and associated with a mosque in Villefranche-sur-Saone Gunshots fired at a mosque in Port-la-Nouvelle A boar’s head and entrails were left outside an Islamic prayer center in Corsica with a note: “Next time it will be one of your heads.” The attacks have been relatively small-scale, especially compared to the Charlie Hebdo… Read More

Attack on Paris a Direct Consequence of Western Imperialism

The tragic shooting in Paris of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which published caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed in 2011, that left 12 people dead is a direct consequence of Western imperialism’s interventions in the Middle East. The U.S. and its Western imperialist allies have continuously violated the national sovereignty and the right to self-determination of every country in the Middle East and North Africa in the last 50 years. Attacks such as the shooting in Paris, the September 11th attacks on New York (if we are to believe the dubious official story of… Read More

The Conflict Continues in the Central African Republic

With the West’s latest war in the Middle East against the Islamic State and the vilification of Russian President Vladimir Putin dominating the news it is easy to forget that the West is involved in numerous brutal military interventions around the world – in Afghanistan, Somalia, Mali, the Ivory Coast, Pakistan, the Central African Republic, Nigeria, Niger, Haiti, Yemen, and elsewhere. The Central African Republic, an impoverished former French colony with abundant mineral resources, has been marred in sectarian violence since the start of hostilities between Seléka, a coalition of insurgents led by Michel Djotodja,… Read More

French Workers Call for Strike against Amazon

From RFI From Monday, workers at four warehouse sites throughout France could down their tools just days before Christmas, when Amazon is at its busiest time. Amazon claims that this strike won’t affect their business. Sebastien Boisonnet, a CGT delegate who called the strike, says industrial action will have a major impact on the US company’s deliveries and will damage Amazon’s reputation that one click online will send a package to your door. Amazon strikers in Germany went on strike last week which caused the brand to send more of its orders to France… Read More